Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles



The Two of Pentacles is Chokmah in Assiah.  It is the power of Wisdom in the Active World. It is important to remember that just like all the other Twos, this two (and not the Ace!) is the first manifestation of its element.  And thus, considering that the earth (Malkut) is the elevation of Spirit (Keter), this card is almost a perfect harmony of never-ending cycle.

In addition, in the Two of Pentacles, Jupiter is in Capricorn.  While not always a good combination, we have to remember that the two are meeting in Assiah – Formative / Physical world.  And thus, this card, in some ways, reminds me of the ‘little engine that could.’.  No matter what obstacles you throw it it (Jupiter – growth/expansion), it will roll ahead toward its goal (Capricorn – determination).  Walking – talking – chewing gum at the same time? No problem! The Two of Pentacles has that under control.  BRING IT!


The idea of multitasking and determination is clear in this Two of Pentacles.  Here we see a man doing many things at once.  He is in a Tree Pose (representing the Tree of Life), balancing his body.  In his hand he balances two pentacles encircled inside the Ouroboros. The latter represents the cycle that ends and begins with Malkut. While all this is very literally happening on earth, Jupiter in the background reminds us to keep growing.


  • Multi-tasking
  • Juggling many things at once
  • Balancing responsibilities (i.e. home and work)


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