Kabbalistic Tree

Malkut = Kingdom

Rules Earth

Colors: Citrine, yellow, olive, russet, black flecked with gold


Malkut is Kingdom.  She is the long awaited daughter of the Queen (Binah) and King (Chokmah), after having their prince son (Tipheret).


Malkut is the final product of all the efforts of all the Sephirot of the Tree. It is the receptacle of all the energies of the Tree. They feed into Malkut and are grounded in its stability.


Being final, it is also the initiating, as everything is perpetual and repeating. It is our home: the material world. She sits apart from other Sephirot – as this is the only Sephirah where form is physical.

Malkut is the sphere where the actual elements are based: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. They intermingle and produce stability which we know as matter. In that, Malkut is self contained – as is Keter.


Malkut is the Princess.  She is the lower expression of Binah, who gives form in abstract.  Malkut actually gives physical form. Kabbalistic Tree

Malkut does not belong to any triangles: she stands apart because she is the culmination of ALL triangles.

In Malkut, we see the influence and tug-and pull of all Sephirot: Wisdom – Understanding, Mercy-Severity, Intuition -Intellect, etc. It is here that they are understood (or not) by the human mind.  It is the formative, concreting function of Malkut which finally renders tangible and definite all that was on the higher planes intangible and indefinite. All the emanations of all the other Sephirot become visible and felt in Malkut.

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