Three of Swords

Three of Swords



The Three of Swords is Binah in Yetzirah.  It is the power of Understanding in the Formative world, world of Air. And oh boy- are we in trouble here.

Before we examine the Zodiac connection, let’s review the Kabbalistic one. Binah, the number three, associated with the Supernal Triangle is in the formative world. It wants to feel and give form. Yet there are no feelings nor form in Yetzirah.  It is the formative world of Air, where  Intellect reigns supreme and form is just a thought.  And it is, precisely this thought that starts to weigh on us.  For as a three, initial growth, The Three of Swords UNDERSTANDS that there is more to it than just Air (its mind).  Yet, there is nothing it can do about it – it is in a Moon-filled world of Yetzira.  If the Three of Swords could speak, it would declare “My brain hurts!”

Adding to this is Saturn in Libra.  Once again, restrictive Saturn weighs heavily on the Airy, sensitive, indecisive sign of Libra. Saturn limits Libra’s potential to soar as it contemplates.  And so we have it: SORROW!


In the Three of Swords, against the backdrop of a stormy night sky is a heart in chains.  The chains, which extend to four sides represent limitations of both: Binah and Saturn. The Rose, at the top of the heart is passion and fervor .  It, too, is pierced.  The truth of Binah is painful.


  • Heartbreak
  • Unpleasant discovery
  • Sadness / sorrow
  • Emotional pain


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