Three of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles



The Three of Pentacles is Binah in Assiah.  It is the power of Understanding (Water) in the active world (Earth). 

The force of Binah (Water) is quite happy to keep watering the Earth to ensure its harvest.  And so, the three, being the number of initial growth echos that by saying that if you put in enough work at this stage – you can expect results. Furthermore, Saturn, with its limitations and restrictions, looks at the effort pragmatically and realistically, making sure you don’t ‘jump over your head.’

Adding to this happy combination is Mars in Capricorn. Mars is not a planet of ideology but concrete action. Capricorn, like its symbol, the mountain goat, will continue its upward climb, no matter what challenges it needs to overcome. With those two – anything is possible through hard work!


Planet Mars is quite prominent in this Three of Pentacles.  It reminds us that now is not the time for talk, but action.

An apprentice (after all, number three implies initial growth) is putting together a cart.  The sign of Capricorn is on his apron, to remind us to keep climbing. The cart is not yet steady: it has only three wheels.

Visible on the wheels are alchemical elements: Mercury, Sulfur and Salt. The pairing of Mercury and Sulfur is the male /female marriage (i.e. Chokmah and Binah). Salt is an element of substance and physicality. Thus, of the two come three (initial growth)


  • Mastering a skill (field of knowledge)
  • Promising work
  • Gaining employment
  • Finding a job /purpose in life
  • Financial improvement


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