Six of Swords

Six of Swords



The Six of Swords is Tipheret in Yetzirah.  It is the power of Beauty in the Formative world of Air. Here, once again, the harmonizing and balancing Tipheret steps in to bring some needed reprieve – this time into a contentious suit of Swords. Everything has come together in the Six of Sword to Crete balance and peace.  The counterpart of Yetzirah in the human soul is Ruach, which means intellect.  The light of Ruach emanates from Tipheret. A lovely and peaceful combination, indeed!

Furthermore, in the Six of Swords, Mercury is in Aquarius. Mercury, a planet of intellect and communication feels very comfortable in the intelligent and assertive sign of Aquarius. All factors of this card come together nicely to ensure it has its earned success.


In this Six of Swods, the cutting qualities of swords are turned to positive advantage. Here we see the difficulty with which reward is obtained as shown by the boatman who carries souls across the River of Spirit.

The boatman is god Charon, who is steering the boat through river Hades.  We see two people in the boat – a man and a woman.  We don’t see their faces as they are moving away from us and away from conflict and turmoil. 

The river is still and foggy.  The further we move from the clarity of the Ace of Swords, the less clear our path becomes.  Yet, the swords (or mind and intellect) are still there.  Like Tipheret they are surrounding the boat and paving the way.



  • Departure from conflict
  • Walking away from an argument
  • Adjusting the situation as it happens
  • Changing the path
  • Steady and cautious progress 


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