Princess of Pentacles

Princess of Pentacles



The Princess of Pentacles represents the element of Earth in the world of Earth.  Thus, she is the pure manifestation of the qualities of Assiah, the physical world of making and growing. She is the last of the court cards and therefore implies a new beginning of the cycle, which could mean the beginning of a new project or a new physical creation. 

The Princess of Disks is warm-hearted, sensual and generous. She is unwavering and determined, with all the reliable stability of the Earth. Yet she lacks Fire and Air, as well as the comforting qualities of Water. As a result, The Princess of Pentacles can easily be a bit too dependent on outside influences.  Nevertheless, she has an uncanny ability to adapt to others.


On the dark side the Princess of Pentacles can get illogical, prodigal and wasteful, dissipating her ideas and lacking the ability to recognize facts. When in a bad mood, she’s as unmovable as a stubborn, capricious child.


The Princess of Pentacles is Frigg, Norse Goddess of fertility. She is wearing a Ram’s Head Crown, associated with Aries and renewal, which is a dominant theme of this card.

The Princess is in a grove of leafless trees.  She is pregnant.  The Princess is the daughter who has become the mother and, therefore, renews the cycle of the Tetragrammaton from the Hey final back to Yod. As she stands in the center of a grove of barren trees, it is her fertility that will restore the barren back to life.

In her right, The Princess of Pentacles holds the spear with the diamond head. The diamond represents the purity of Keter brought into the physical world. There is light in the densest of elements. 

Leaning against her leg is a Yin/Yang Shield,  surrounded in thirty six petals = thirty six decans of the astrological wheel. She represents the completion of the cycle and its subsequent renewal. 


  • Materialization, physical initiation (manifestation)
  • New financial beginning (job/project/venture, etc.)
  •  As a person, she is generous, benevolent, kind and diligent
  • At her worst, she can be lavish  and debauched


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