Justice sees clearly – with all the blinders of bias, prejudices and misconceptions removed. It is only in the 16thcentury, that we put a blindfold on her to emphasize impartiality.  Up till then, she had her eyes wide open.  She saw and knew everything – no matter how much we tried to hide.

Astrologically, Justice is ruled by the sign of Libra, the embodiment of Cosmic Order. Libras are skilled at solving problems, compromising and arranging diplomatic solutions for any conflict.  Libra is an agent of change and decisive action. Libra is also an air sign.  In astrology, just like in the Tarot, the element of air symbolizes intellectual power. Thus, it is solving the greatest riddle with which every man is presented: ‘Who Are You?”

TIn the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Justice is a path between two sephirot: Tipheret – beauty – representing heart – and Gevurah – severity. So just like the ancient Egyptian myth Justice is symbolized by Ma’at – the goddess of law and truth. Her rule was administered by the god Anubis, who weighted the heart of the deceased against a feather.  If the heart proved to be lighter, the deceased may proceed into the after-world.


Coming in at number eleven, right after the Wheel of Fortune, perhaps Aleister Crowley, in his Thoth Tarot Deck got it right by naming this card ‘Adjustment.’ Once we understand The Wheel, we can adjust it in either direction to keep it centered. Sometimes, as Justice’s sword suggests, the process is not pleasant. This sword cuts away at all which is unnecessary.  It is a severe experience, though no punishment is implicit. Rather, it is similar to the self-assessment that we, as souls conduct after passing.  It is this self-reflection and self-realization that will either bring us happiness or pain.  Thus it is we, ourselves that weigh our souls on the scales with the left hand and make adjustments with the sword on the right.  Justice, therefore, is related to a condition of consciousness after death where the self-assessing soul is cleansed of the waste of its earthly incarnation.

If you think that’s deep, examine the Hebrew letter assigned to the card: Lamed – which in Hebrew means ‘teach.’ After all, the conscious maintenance of balance is definitely a learning process. Unfortunately, as humans, we often learn painfully slowly how to analyze and re-balance ourselves as necessary in various situations.  The more we learn of the inner worlds, however, the more subtle and difficult it becomes.  Perfect balance is a formula so precise, no wonder the Egyptians symbolized it as the human soul weighed against a feather.


Even the numerological significance of 11 is magnified in this card.  The two ones – one might say a mirror image or quite opposite, when combined give us 2 – the number of harmony and form.

When the Justice card comes up in a reading it could mean:

  • Taking stock of one’s life and seeing what things are useful and what can be let go of that is no longer serving us.
  • Think carefully about our life ahead and be aware that all actions/decisions have their consequences. Look at this happening personally and Universally. Encourage yourself to see Karma acting on many different levels.
  • Being able to have a clear vision of all the possibilities and choices that lie ahead of you (Fool) and applying your insights gained so far to live a life which is harmonious and in balance.
  • Discovering and then following your true path (True Will) and what gives it the most meaning.


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Marina is a Certified Medium and Professional Tarot Advisor and Instructor. She developed this unique proven method of learning the Tarot because she believes that anyone who wants to, can master the cards. Marina is convinced that with the help of the Tarot, anyone has the potential to unlock their inner psychic.


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