Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles



The Five of Pentacles is Gevurah in Assiah. It is the power of Severity in the Active World.  This time – it’s physical.  It is no longer the case of the Sword of Gevurah striking at once’s ideology or believes.  This Sword strikes ‘the pocket’. 

Furthermore, the Five of Pentacles is Mercury in Taurus. Mercury, the planet of communication, is firing off messages at Taurus swiftly and briskly.  All this is making slugging Taurus uneasy – as he automatically assumes (as his earthy nature requires) that it has to do with hi health or /and wealth.  Throw into the mix Gevurah – with its brutal honesty and gravity, and the result is a whole ton of worry.  To be clear, this is not the same worry as in the Ten of Swords (where your emotional being has reached the end of the line).  This is a specific and tangible worry that requires immediate action.


The mood in this Five of Pentacles is very different from the others in the same suit.  No longer green and sunny, the sky is dark and cloudy.  Out of the clouds, a hand reaches out in the begging motion.  Five pentacles are being thrown from the abyss, but none of them lands inside the hand. Financial (and physical) relief is not about to warm this hand any time soon.

Below is a scorched and parched earth (representing both the ill-dignified Assiah and Taurus).


  • Financial misfortune
  • Physical / health problems
  • Insecurity
  • Family troubles
  • Losing one’s job / income


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