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Soul's Journey Tarot

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About the deck

Soul’s Journey Tarot

Soul’s Journey Tarot Cards are the embodiment of the ETERNAL JOURNEY: a spiritual journey an individual soul undertakes to ascend into the world of Anima Mundi – the collective Soul of the Universe.This Tarot of the Eternal Journey is based mainly on the works of Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Deck.  The secondary symbolism is that of the Golden Dawn tradition. 

This deck is meant to help Tarot readers incorporate all aspects of the cards: Symbolism, Numerology, Astrology, and the Kabbalah.  Thus, the Major Arcana Cards contain Hebrew letters associated with their Kabbalistic paths, in addition to Planet/Zodiac Sign symbols and the four elements (i.e., Fire, Water, Air, Earth).  Likewise, small cards contain symbols of planets in zodiac signs, elements and astrological modalities associated with the cards (i.e., Fixed, Cardinal, Mutable).

Following the Kabbalistic Tradition, the Court Cards are named King, Queen, Prince and Princess.  The first three are based on historical personages (i.e., Catherine The Great, Louis XIV, etc.) to allow users to associate them with their character traits. The Princesses are related to mythological figures (i.e., Medusa, Lilith, etc.) to emphasize that what many take to be the earthly domain of the Princesses (Malkut) is our perception of reality.

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