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For LEARN TAROT IN A DAY absolutely not.  This course is designed for beginners.  No prior knowledge of the Tarot is necessary.

For the subsequent courses, however, you will either need to have taken Part I – LEARN TAROT IN A DAY or have a basic understanding of the Tarot

No, you don’t.  The whole purpose of the Tarot cards is to wake up your intuition.  They will help you tap into your subconscious to bring out the ‘psychic‘ in you.

You don’t.  The course is called “Learn Tarot in A Day” because when I teach it as a workshop – we start and finish it in about four to five hours.

However, don’t pressure yourself into any timeline.  The beauty of taking a course online is that you can do it as quickly or slowly as you need. It is not a race.  The timeline is entirely up to you

There is no such thing as magic – black, white or otherwise.  The Tarot cards are merely a tool to help you wake up your intuition and clarify circumstances.  On their own, they are nothing more than pieces of paper

You can get buy without having a deck – as the course has tarot pictures and descriptions.  However, most exercises require you to actually work and practice your own readings.  Therefore, having a Tarot Deck at hand is very much recommended

There is no such thing as fortune-telling.  Each one of us has a free will.  Each action, decision and path we take in life is entirely up to us as individuals.

The tarot helps illuminate situations, bring circumstances to the surface that you may not have been aware of and gives advice.  What you do with that advice will be up to you.

You don’t.  You should always use your own deck (because that’s what you will be working with). You need to have a deck that speaks to you.  It is helpful, however, to compare images from the course to those of your own deck and see how they compare and contrast.


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