Chesed = Mercy

Rules Jupiter

Colors: Blue, Deep Azure, Purple, Violet


CHESED is Mercy. The formless, and void darkness of the Supernal Triangle finally gives rise to manifestation, which is form and light. In Chesed, we find beginning of manifestation.  As Chesed emanates, it deals with the form created by Binah, and it does so in terms of positive qualities of the Pillar of Mercy.


Chesed is often described as a ‘Loving King’ and a ‘Mighty King’ – a king at time of peace, magnanimous, benevolent. It sits on a throne. (As opposed to Gevurah, which is a King during a time of war and is in a chariot). We must point out that female and male qualities are only human analogies of abstract characteristics.  And although Chesed contains what can be humanly described as female traits, it is ‘male’. 


Being the number Four, it is also a stable and steady Sephirah.  Chesed is organizing and preserving. It is also very protective.

Its planet is Jupiter – which is a planet of wealth, prosperity and growth.  It must be understood that growth here, replies on a spiritual and intellectual level.

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